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Fees, Charges and Refunds Policy & Procedure




To ensure that fees, charges and refunds are dealt with in a transparent, ethical and consistent manner in line with governing regulations and legislation.




RTO stakeholders, employees and Coral Reef Institute’ students.


Policy statement


Coral Reef Institute will ensure that all students are provided with accurate fees, charges and refund information prior to enrolment. Our fees, charges and refund policy and procedure are included within this Student handbook and on our course brochures which are published on our website.
All fees, charges and refunds will adhere to all relevant governing legislation and regulations in their development, implementation and collection.
Upon enrolment, all students are required to complete a declaration that includes information regarding the fees and charges process and our refund policy. See declaration from website below.




As found on the enrolment form.

  • I am 18 years of age or older.
  • I can read and write English proficiently
  • I have or can obtain a computer with Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader installed for the duration of my study
  • I have checked, understood and confirm that I meet the entry requirements of the course(s) I have selected above as found on
  • I will notify Coral Reef Institute at the time of enrolment if I require support with language, literacy or numeracy (LLN).
  • I confirm that payments made to secure this booking will be made to Coral Reef Institute and are authorised by me.
  • I agree that any breach of these terms and conditions will result in my removal from the course, cancellation of my enrolment or withdrawal of my qualification as the case dictates and that I will forfeit all fees paid in this event.

By signing this form, I certify that the information provided is true and correct. I further certify that I have  been provided sufficient information about my rights and obligations to make an informed decision about
enrolment and I agree to the services being provided:



Coral Reef Institute Fees, Charges and Refunds Policy and Procedure are designed to meet:


ASQA and National Vocational Regulator standards

Standard 5. Each learner is properly informed and protected.

    • Where the RTO collects fees from the individual learner, either directly or through a third party, the RTO provides or directs the learner to information prior to enrolment or the commencement of training and assessment, whichever comes first, specifying:
      • All relevant fee information including:
        • Fees that must be paid to the RTO; and
        • Payment terms and conditions including deposits and refunds;
      • The learner’s rights as a consumer, including but not limited to any statutory cooling-off period, if one applies;
      • The learner’s right to obtain a refund for services not provided by the RTO in the event the:
        • The arrangement is terminated early; or
        • The RTO fails to provide the agreed services.
Course fees:


Course fees can be paid by any of the following means:

  • Via our virtual banking terminal using: Visa, MasterCard, American Express or PayPal.
  • Direct funds transfer.

Upon payment of a course fee students will receive a tax invoice as soon as is reasonably practicable. This usually occurs on the same or next business day depending upon the time of booking and payment.
All course fees are listed on our website and are correct and valid at the time of publication. There are no hidden fees for any of our courses and students will only ever be asked to pay fees additional to those listed on our website and course brochure on the following occasions:

  • Reissue of a lost certificate - $50
  • Extension of enrolment period - $200 per month or a lesser figure for short extensions (e.g. 1 week) to be determined in consultation with the Director.
  • Re-enrolment if an extension has not been requested and the enrolment period has ended. This will be at the request of the student only and no automatic payments will be taken. The price payable for re-enrolment will be the price listed on our website at that time.
  • Course fees are subject to change at any time as the market dictates. This means that they may go up or down but a student will only ever pay the fee listed on the website at the time of booking.
  • No refunds are offered to enrolled students in the event that the fees advertised on the website are less than those that student paid at the time of enrolment. For example, if a student pays $1750 for a course and is enrolled in September and a sale is being promoted in October where the same course is offered for $1400. This can occur at any time without consultation with current or prospective students. We will ensure that amended prices are displayed on our website as soon as reasonably practicable.
Payment Plans/ flexible payment
  • Payment plans/ flexible payments are by negotiation with the Director only. We reserve the right to offer and refuse flexible payments on a case by case basis.
  • Failure to adhere to the terms and conditions of a payment plan will result in the student’s enrolment being cancelled and the student forfeiting all fees paid to date. To reduce the administrative burden on Coral Reef Institute we will not chase a student for outstanding payments and the onus is on the student to adhere to the terms and conditions of their personal payment plan.
Payment process
  • For face to face training where there is a period of time between booking, enrolment and commencement of a course, no amount greater than $1000 will be taken from any one student. All balances must be paid upon commencement of the face to face training course.
  • Students will not be assessed for any part / unit of their course of there are fees outstanding.
Re-assessment charges

A re-assessment charge may be applicable where a judgment has been made by the assessor that the student is repeatedly submitting an assessment workbook with the following issues:
  • Repeated evidence of missing answers where no attempt has been made to correct this error despite the Assessors advice
  • Repeatedly submitting an assessment workbook without proof reading or quality checking its’ content.
  • Repeatedly ignoring advice from their assessor and not acting upon the assessor notes listed in their submitted and assessed assessment workbook.
  • If the Assessor has made a judgement that any of the above issues are occurring a reassessment fee of $100 will be applied, payable in advanced of reassessment.


Refunds will be offered on the following occasions:

  • If a student enrolls onto a course for which they do not meet the entry requirements. 100% of course fee will be refunded
  • If a mistake or error has been made by Coral Reef Institute of which has caused a student inconvenience or delay. The amount payable will be determined in consultation with the student.
  • If a student’s complaint is determined to have merit and is acknowledged as valid by Coral Reef Institute or a valid third party. The amount payable will be determined in consultation with the student and or third party as is applicable on a case by case basis.


Face to face learning

The student has to pay $1000 to secure a place on the course, with the balance paid on the first day of attendance to the course up to $1500 with the remainder (if any) payable before the completion of the course.

If a student is unable to satisfactorily complete the course, or their reason for absence is legitimate, they will be invited to re-attend a later course at no additional cost, within a 6 month time frame.

Refunds are based on covering the cost of the place in the classroom where the following time scales and applicable refunds apply to the cost of securing a place, if the cancelled place has not been filled by another student. If the place has been filled, 100% refund applies.

  • Cancellation once course has started – no refund available
  • Cancelled attendance within 2 days of course – no refund available
  • Cancelled attendance within 2 weeks of course – 50% refund available
  • Cancelled attendance within 1 month of course – 100% refund available.

Refunds will not be offered on the following occasions:

  • A student withdraws from a course of study.
  • A student makes a complaint/ appeal that is determined to be invalid by Coral Reef Institute or a valid third party as is applicable on a case by cases basis.
  • Once course materials have been sent to the student. This is to protect our intellectual property.
  • If the price of a course changes, i.e. during a promotion and current listed price is less than the student paid previously.